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May 23, 2023

Social Security Insolvency – Are You Affected?

The future of Social Security is changing for Americans. According to a recent report released by the Congressional Budget Office (CBO), the Social Security trust fund could run out of money by 2032 – one year sooner than was previously projected. This projection could still change, but it does put the insolvency date within the… View Article


May 9, 2023

Your Checklist for a Recession-Ready Retirement

Lately, we’ve been seeing trends in the market that point towards a possible recession on the horizon, and you may be wondering what that means for you. There’s no way to know exactly what is in store for the future, but here are a few simple ways you can prepare your retirement for a recession:… View Article


April 3, 2023

6 Simple Ways to Improve Your Financial Literacy

Happy Monday Everyone! We understand that finance can be an intimidating topic—that’s why you have a financial advisor to help. But understanding some foundational financial concepts can help you on your retirement journey. Here are six easy ways to increase your financial literacy: Teach it to your kids and grandkids Teaching your kids skills like… View Article


March 14, 2023

Statistics About Women in Retirement

With the average lifespan for Americans on the rise comes more time spent in retirement. While this is overall a great trend to see, it also beckons the need for a sound financial plan to account for the later stages of life – especially for women. Women on average live longer than men but are… View Article


March 8, 2023


Corey R. Hodges The Setting Every Community Up for Retirement Act, also known as the SECURE Act, originally passed into law on January 1, 2020. Recently, in December of 2022, this act was updated with new measures to help Americans retire better. The main provisions passed into law through this act are detailed below. 1…. View Article


February 23, 2023

Tax Changes for 2023 that Affect Retirement

Tax season is upon us and now is the time to prepare! Recently we’ve experienced record-high inflation rates, rising interest rates, and stock market volatility. It’s no surprise that all these factors will have an impact on taxes. Here are some of the key tax changes for 2023 that you should know about: Higher contribution… View Article