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With many years of experience and industry knowledge, we’ve seen it all or nearly all. We understand each client is unique and faces different challenges, which is why we take a personalized approach to retirement income planning.

We utilize products to help protect your retirement income from market downturns, and when developing your customized retirement income plan, we will walk you through a step-by-step process designed to create strategies you can feel confident in.

Wealth Management

To improve your financial health, you must look at the big picture: your overall wealth management. It includes a full suite of services, including financial planning, portfolio management, tax services, retirement planning, and estate planning. This type of wealth management provides a holistic approach allowing you to analyze every angle to increase the likelihood of a successful outcome.

Retirement Income Planning

We believe an enjoyable and lasting retirement is dependent on having stable retirement income. After looking at your unique financial situation, we aim to design a retirement plan that helps you create an income you won’t outlive—one that maximizes the value of your assets to protect your family and one that preserves your legacy for your beneficiaries.

“Will I outlive my savings in retirement?”

Turning 50 is a major milestone. Halfway to the century mark, you’re more than halfway to retirement. It’s time to take stock of where you are in relation to your retirement goals. If you haven’t been serious about planning for retirement up until now, that needs to change. You should review your current retirement savings and determine whether you’re saving enough. If not, the good news is you have time to make changes that can get you there.

This is also the time to think about the issues you’ll face once you’re no longer working. There’s a big difference between saving and spending. It’s much more difficult to recover from financial mistakes as you get older.

Do your homework to minimize your risks.

If you don’t have as much saved as you should, there are ways to contribute more now to have enough later. Once you turn 50, the IRS allows you to increase the maximum annual contribution you can make to both your IRA and 401(k) accounts. This is called a “catch-up” contribution. The limits can change annually, so double-check how much you can add.

It can be tempting to chase higher returns, but those usually come with higher risk levels that you may not be able to tolerate at this stage.

It also wouldn’t hurt to start reducing expenses. At the very least, it’s good practice for when you get older and have a smaller income. The money you save from not being as extravagant can also go into investments.

Try to reduce any outstanding debts. If you have a mortgage, consider paying it off early to get that expense out of the way before you retire.

We could help you navigate the complexities of retirement income planning.

This pre-retirement stage is an exciting time, but it’s also complicated. We haven’t even really scratched the surface on this page — there are Social Security, Medicare, pensions, 401(k)s, and much, much more to consider. We could help you navigate that world; we live in that world every day.

You may be at the peak of your career and enjoying working; you may begin wrapping up your career and transitioning to retirement. In either case, now is your chance to make sure you have everything in place for when you do retire and to make sure you are able to enjoy it.

Estate Planning

Guiding your loved ones and protecting your legacy with proper estate planning allows your wealth to have a direct and lasting impact. You’ve worked hard to grow your wealth, so let us help you preserve it through both planned and unanticipated life events.

Social Security Optimization

Choosing when and how to draw on your Social Security can be a tough decision. A number of factors, including your marital status, can impact your options. We can help you navigate the possibilities and optimize your Social Security income, so you get the most from your hard-earned benefit.

Tax-Mitigation Strategies

The U.S. tax code is a complicated document. We have strategies to help you create a tax-efficient retirement income plan. Tax-mitigation planning should not be done in isolation, but instead should be driven by your overall financial goals and integrated with your overall plan.

Medicare Planning

Once you become eligible, how do you know which Medicare plan is right for you? We can explain the ins and outs of each option and help you decipher which plan makes the most sense for your situation.

Life & Long-Term Care Insurance

People often talk about insurance as “protection,” but it’s really a form of risk mitigation. It ensures that no matter what twists and turns come with life, you don’t face risks flat-footed. Nothing can protect you from risk. However, with a thoughtful, proactive, and detailed insurance plan, you may find yourself with more options than you would have had without insurance.

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We utilize Policy Genius’ proprietary technology to make it easy to compare personalized quotes and policies from top-rated insurers side by side. As a team of licensed professionals , we’re here to answer questions, handle paperwork, and help you make decisions with confidence. And we work for you, not for the insurance companies. Click the button to get your personalized estimate.

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401(k) Rollovers & Roth Conversions

When you leave a job, your employer-sponsored retirement plan doesn’t automatically move with you. If you’re switching employers, or have old accounts just sitting around collecting dust, now’s the time to make important decisions that can impact your financial future and well-being. We can help you roll over that 401(k) and help you weigh the pros and cons of doing a Roth conversion for it as well.

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