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Corey R. Hodges

President & CEO, Wealth Management Advisor

Corey is a native of Winston-Salem, NC. He began working in the financial services industry in late 2012, after “sleeping on the job” for 17 years in the mattress industry. Corey realized that, to truly get a good night’s sleep, one must have a solid understanding of their future and finances. With this in mind, Corey founded Fortified Futures, Inc., in early 2018 with a primary focus on better preparing his clients for retirement and estate planning. Corey is passionate about helping clients better understand their needs through each stage of life.

Throughout his financial services career, Corey has added licensing to include life, health, Medicare, long-term care, property, and casualty insurance. In late 2019, Corey was Series 65 licensed and registered as an investment advisor representative to encourage his clients of all ages to prepare for their financial future. Corey and his team foster a family-like atmosphere with their clients and take a holistic approach to planning for their future by tailoring a plan for each client’s unique personal needs and objectives.

As 2020 brought about new challenges for us all, Corey has not only expanded his practice but his family as well, with the marriage to his husband, Christian, in late September. When not diligently servicing their clients, Corey and Christian find time to travel and spend time with their two four-legged children (canines), Fergie and CeCe. They are extremely active in the community with a passion for giving back through programs such as The Shalom Project, as well as a food blessing box Corey built at the beginning of the pandemic and is now stocked daily by Christian. Corey also likes to make everyone aware that he has an identical twin around town, and they can often be mistaken for each other.

Christian Hodges

Chief Operations Manager

Christian joined Fortified Futures in late 2018 after 12+ years in healthcare administration. He runs the day-to-day administrative operations of the office and oversees moving clients’ assets from their previous accounts to their new accounts with Fortified Futures. Christian is also an integral part of planning our client events and educational workshops and will most likely become your best friend in our office, especially if you bring him chocolate.

Betty Hodges

Client Relations

As Corey’s mother, Betty came out of retirement to assist Corey part-time with client relations through scheduling client appointments and preparing for financial workshops. She retired from Forsyth County in 2015, where she was awarded the Outstanding Employee of the year from the State of North Carolina Tax Association.

Diana James

Benefits Representative

Diana is licensed to sell life, health, and Medicare insurance in both North Carolina and Ohio. Diana also works with small businesses to save them money and find the best benefits for their employees. She comes to Fortified Futures with 20+ years of marketing and sales experience, holds a master’s in theology, and is currently working on her doctorate in Leadership Studies. Her passion is helping people through all of life’s stages, including physically, financially, and spiritually.

Luis Dimas

Benefits Representative

Luis Dimas is a licensed Medicare broker in Arizona and North Carolina. Luis has been assisting Medicare beneficiaries for ten years and enjoys bringing awareness to marginalized communities about assistance available to them. He loves nature, hiking, and volunteering at local food banks and clinics. You may recognize his friendly face as a volunteer for The Shalom Project of Winston-Salem where he serves as a front-line screener and interpreter and serves as a member of their board.

Karen Anderson

Benefits Representative

Karen Anderson, a native of Connecticut, grew up in New Jersey, but now calls herself a Southerner even though she still will not drink sweet tea. She is an empty nester, with two grown children, Patrick and Rachael, and lives in Greensboro with her husband, Tom, and their two dogs.

Karen found a home at Fortified Futures in September 2022 and plans to stay forever. She has over 12 years of health insurance experience, and is licensed to sell health, life, and Medicare. Karen also works with small businesses to save them money and find the best benefits for their employees.

Karen is passionate about making sure her clients are well protected and that they understand their options and their plans.

Sir Edward

Company Mascot

Edward is named after Corey’s grandfather who he was very close with and after whom he is also named. Ray Sydney Edwards was a very direct, hard-working man of integrity and grit. He served in World War II, where he earned a Bronze Star and was a recipient of the Purple Heart. He provided a stable and loving home for his family, and he left a lasting impression on all who knew him. He instilled in Corey one of his core beliefs, “Come Hell or high water, you better damn well do what you say you’re gonna do.” Edward means prosperity, guardian, wealth, and protector.

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