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Corey R. Hodges

President & CEO

Corey is a native of Winston-Salem, NC. He began working in the financial services industry in late 2012 after 17 years in the mattress industry. Once he realized that to truly sleep well at night, one must have a solid understanding of their future and finances. In early 2018, Corey founded Fortified Futures, Inc., with his primary focus being to better prepare his clients for retirement and estate planning. Corey is passionate about helping clients better understand their needs through each stage of life.

Throughout his financial services career, Corey has added licensing to include life, health, Medicare, long-term care, property, and casualty insurance. In late 2019, Corey became Series 65 licensed and registered as an investment advisor representative to encourage his clients of all ages to prepare for their financial future. Corey and his team foster a family-like atmosphere with their clients and take a holistic approach to planning for their future by tailoring a plan for each client’s unique personal needs and goals.

Though 2020 brought about new challenges for everyone, Corey has expanded both his practice and his family, having married his husband, Christian, in late September of that year. When not diligently servicing their clients, Corey and Christian enjoy traveling and spending time with their two four-legged children (canines), Fergie and CeCe. They are extremely active in their community and have a passion for giving back through programs such as The Shalom Project, as well as a food blessing box Corey built at the start of the pandemic that is now stocked daily by Christian. Corey also likes to make everyone aware that he has an identical twin around town, and they can often be mistaken for each other.

Market Guard®

The Market Guard® investment methodology was created with one simple concept in mind: to help empower clients with the highest probability of investment success while helping to protect their investments along the way.

At Market Guard®, we strive to understand the challenges that investors face on a daily basis. Therefore, the Market Guard® investment methodology was created with an intelligent approach to achieve the level of success we believe every investor deserves.

When it comes to portfolio construction, research shows that asset allocation can be one of the most important factors to influence overall performance. According to multiple academic studies, more than 90% of a portfolio’s success is determined by asset allocation. In addition, determining the correct investment classes, as well as the proper percentage to hold in each portfolio, is paramount to long-term success.

The Power of Knowing – Market Guard

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